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Chuck Schumer: God Told Me to Fight Against Trump No Matter What

Chuck Schumer: God Told Me to Fight Against Trump No Matter What

New York Senator Chuck Schumer apparently had an “epiphany” after Hillary Clinton’s surprise loss to President Trump. He thinks it was a message from “God.”

Apparently, in his mind, Schumer believes the message was to fight against Trump no matter what.

After the huge loss for Democrats (not just the White House but across the country), Schumer said he was in a “deep funk” (for 3 whole days) and didn’t know what to do. As reptored by the Washington Free Beacon:

Schumer toldPolitico that he fell into a “deep funk” after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential race in November and did not recover until he got “almost a message from God.”

“He said he fell into a deep funk for three days after Clinton lost and Democrats blew their best chance at taking back the Senate until 2020,” Politico reported. “But on the fourth day, Schumer says, ‘it was like a thunderbolt hit me, almost a message from God.’”

“I said to myself if Hillary won and you were majority leader, the job would be more fun and it would be a lot easier. And most importantly you’d get to do some good things,” Schumer said. “But with Trump as president and you as minority leader, the job is much more important. That has fueled me ever since.”

So Schumer thinks his “message from God” was to obstruct Republicans in power no matter what? The very thing Democrats spent 8 years LYING that Republicans were doing, obstructing Obama, is what they are doing now.

Democrats are going to simply obstruct everything that comes across their junior high school desks because “Trump.” They can’t even admit WHY they lost to Republicans all over the place for God’s sakes, but “obstruction.”

And of course the main stream media will just keep regurgitating the bologna Democrats sell them rather than calling them out for their hypocrisy.

Schumer’s “God” is most likely the progressive God of Big Government because that’s how the left rolls.

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