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Soros group tells cities helping illegals should hide info from Feds

​An open borders organization funded by George Soros is pushing municipalities to offer identification documents for illegal immigrants, but requesting they seal customer data from immigration authorities.Spokeswoman Emily Tucker with the Center for Popular Democracy (CPD), which is based in New York and made up of failed chapters of the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), told the Wichita Eagle that cities giving out IDs to illegal immigrants must throw out all the data they have on those individuals.
​      Here we go once again with George Soros and his Obstruction Of Justice inside of the United States…Once again trying to protect illegals in America and criminal illegals from the American justice system and immigration enforcement. Soros ordering his group to tell American cities to hide information from Feds and immigration enforcement concerning illegal aliens…Should place the Trump administration to decide to arrest George Soros on the charges of aiding and abetting and also Obstruction Of Justice.
​      Illegal aliens have absolutely no place in American society…Especially when most of them come from countries that would throw you in prison for illegally entering their nations for up to ten years or more. George Soros once again continues to prove himself as a National Security threat to the United States…This call on cities to hide information from Federal Law Enforcement pertaining information on illegal aliens inside the United States should now lead to his arrest and or labeling Soros as a National Security threat.

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