OMG! After White House Reporter Tried to Embarrass Sarah Huckabee, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders was back filling in for Sean Spicer today and she didn’t disappoint.

First, The White House reporters kept asking if Trump is going to call his executive order a Travel Ban, or “Extreme Vetting” or something else. She shut down this pointless question, saying Trump doesn’t care about political correctness, he cares about keeping Americans safe. But then the fireworks started. 

White House Reporter April Ryan attempted to embarrass Sarah her by asking where Sean Spicer is and why she is filling in. Her brilliant response that shows she will not be intimidated!

After she answered, she walked off the stage and you can hear the Press whining like children, asking her to come back! SHARE this on Facebook if you think Sarah Huckabee-Sanders does a great job!

Watch the full Press Conference HERE:

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