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BREAKING: Antifa Terrorist Attack At Thanksgiving Parade Leaves 3 Dead

On Wednesday, an Antifa group called for “Black Friday bloodshed,” but apparently the domestic terrorist group decided to get an early start at the annual Thanksgiving parade in the small town of Erebus, Alabama.

According to the Erebus Times-New-Leader, a “small group of masked individuals” approached the crowd and began “attacking attendees with crowbars and other weapons.”

According to police, three people were injured and three others killed before officers were able to subdue the six attackers.

“They were screaming ‘Down with fascism’” as they attacked random people, said one bystander who asked not be to be named. “One of the men yelled ‘Fuck Trump’” as he beat a woman next to me with a baseball bat.

Police arrested 19-year-old Mary McGrath, 27-year-old Marek Halperin, 21-year-old Sarah Saunders, 18-year-old Millie Fairhouse, and 31-year-old Christopher Blaire at the scene. One of the attackers managed to escape on foot and the Erebus is asking residents to call if they have any information.

One of the surviving victims is listed as being in critical condition, but the others have managed to recover quickly at nearby Mt. St. Hope Hospital.

Enough is enough! It’s time for the FBI to just start rounding up members of Antifa, because this won’t end until they are all behind bars.

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