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Michelle Obama’s Personal Assistant Breaks Her Silence After ’10 Years Of Hell’

Michelle Obama spent eight years in the White House on the taxpayer’s dime being pampered beyond reason by a staff of more than 220 people. Among them were thirty or so “personal assistants” and one — very special, very close to the First Lady — personal maid.

That woman’s name is Consuela Marguerite Johanssen-Boles, a Swedish born Mexican immigrant whose green card has never been investigated. She served at the pleasure of Michelle Obama for her entire tenure in Washington, and now she’s telling her story.

Her publicist, Lewis Fairweather, says that Johanssen-Boles was prohibited from finding other work for those eight years and was basically treated like a slave. She was compensated a mere $29K per year, plus room and board in a small studio above the East Wing, to be at the Mooch’s beck and call:

“She went everywhere with them. The girls treated her like a piece of trash and their mother did nothing but abuse her. Barack said nothing, of course, because he’s a cowardly homosexual who is afraid of his transgender husband-wife.”
Consuela’s story will be all over the morning talk shows by Monday and on every channel and blog by Tuesday morning. You can thank our correspondent in the field, Cynthia Luwhoe, for her hard work. Cynthia has promised to keep us updated as things develop.

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