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New Evidence Blows The Clinton/Lynch Tarmac Meeting Wide Open

The black box from Loretta Lynch’s private plane, which would have recorded everything that happened onboard, has been submitted into evidence.

That’s the official word from the Congressional Committee to Convict the Clintons, which has presented to its members their first piece of evidence in the matter of the people of the United States versus Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch. The charges include collusion and over-reach of power. The evidence is the black box from the plane the two used as a secret meeting place.

Mandy Gonsales, Gowdy’s top aide, told LLOD correspondent Cynthia Luwhoe:

“The black box on the plane recorded everything. After Dimitri Noonan died we thought we had nothing. The only thing we could do was claim Noonan never existed and move on. Now, we have the proof that he was real, he was murdered and this secret meeting was far more than meets the eye.

When the American people hear what really happened on that plane they will demand justice.”
The contents of the conversation will remain classified while the heads of the big three intelligence agencies — the NSA the CIA and B-613 — evaluate the footage for national security issues. Mr. Gowdy has assured his staff that there won’t be any issues and that this is the bombshell he’s been waiting to drop for three years.

We may finally get the truth for once.

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