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BREAKING: Child Protective Services Knocks At Obama’s Door After Sasha Is Caught With Cocaine

Barack and Michael Obama may have stayed in Washington D.C. to give their youngest daughter Sasha a chance to finish school, but she may not do that if she keeps this up.

Child Protective Services reportedly showed up at the former President’s $4.7 million dollar mansion that doubles as his “resistance headquarters” on Wednesday after an incident that occurred at Sasha’s exclusive private school, the Hastings Academy.

What incident, you ask? According to police scanners Wednesday morning, a black girl at the school was busted doing lines of cocaine off of a desk in an empty classroom but was caught when a teacher walked in. Sasha Obama is one of two black girls at the school, and classmates later confirmed that it was her.

The woman from CPS stayed at the Obama residence for two hours, where she almost assuredly had many questions like “where did your daughter get the cocaine” and “did you give your daughter the cocaine?” Perhaps she would want to know why the Obamas continued to send Sasha to a school that was recently busted in a cocaine scandal.

It’s well known that in college when Obama was known as Barry Soetoro, he had a reputation for being the leader of the “Choom Gang,” a group of drug users. He also had a cocaine addiction that former classmates say he satisfied by prostituting himself to older white men.

It’s unclear what happened during the CPS visit, but one neighbor told the D.C. Metro Times-Union that “Sasha didn’t come home to her parents’ house after school today.”

This is a BREAKING story. We’ll have more for you as information becomes available.

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