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BREAKING: ‘Lolita Express’ Flight Logs Reveal Another Democrat Who Likes Molesting Kids

As you’ve heard, a former Secret Service agent plans to reveal some bombshell details about Clinton friend Jeffrey Epstein’s “Lolita Express” that was frequented by Bill Clinton.

Dan Boningo recently tweeted, “are you guys sure you know everyone on the Epstein planes?”
On Saturday, Boningo dropped a name. No, it wasn’t Hillary herself and everyone already knows how much Bill traveled with Epstein to “Pedo Island” where kids are kept for the pleasure of sick men. It was someone else entirely: Barack Hussein Obama himself.

“Obama only visited the island a few times that I saw because I only encountered him when he was with Bill,” Boningo told Fox News Saturday morning. “But I can personally vouch that Barack Obama visited the island and did engage in some sickening activity.”

Boningo says that he will go into full detail in his new book, but promises that there are at least “a few” names that will cause turmoil in the Democrat Party.

“I have the logs to prove it, which I will be turning over to the Justice Department on Monday,” he says.

This comes following news that Boningo plans to rejoin the Secret Service where President Trump has some “very special plans” for him.

It’s an exciting time in America. Trump is President, our country is getting greaterer by the day, and Democrat criminals are on the cusp of going down.

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