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BREAKING: Malia Obama Attacked By Black Lives Matter Over White Boyfriend

“Tolerant” liberals are now going after Malia Obama because she decided to mix races and date a white man.

According to The Blacksphere, many of Obama’s own people — Black Lives Matter — have been going after her after news broke that she was making out with a white man at a football game recently.

“Malia Obama is nothing but a coconut,” Harvard Black Lives Matter president Harold Brown told the Harvard Sentinel, apparently calling Obama brown on the outside and white on the inside. “She disrespects her race by letting herself get snagged up by a white man with a fetish.”

“White people been taking everything of ours for centuries and she thinks it’s cool to just get with one of them?” Brown added, noting that she was no longer welcome at meetings.

Harvard campus safety reports that someone left a pile of boxes of whoppers in front of Malia’s dorm room Saturday – apparently another “white on the inside” reference. Sunday morning, Malia called to complain that every dorm around her was blasting “Jungle Fever” by the 70’s band The Chakachas.

Malia has been very busy in the media lately, with video of her blowing smoke rings going viral as well as numerous video of her smoking weed and getting so drunk she can’t walk.

Malia seems to be rebelling against her parents, who have publicly stated that they want her to avoid drugs and date within her race.

Something very troubling is going on with the eldest Obama daughter.

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