BREAKING: Rosa Parks’ Granddaughter Just Did Something That Will Drive Liberals Nuts

It’s a pretty important day for liberals. December 1 marked the anniversary of when Rosa Parks became a hero by refusing to sit in the back of a bus to protest the way racist Democrats were treating blacks.

All across the country we are seeing Black Lives Matter setting up events to honor her, but one person sees through these alleged civil rights crusaders who regularly use violence to accomplish their goals: Rosa Parks’ granddaughter, who told The Blaze that she is “sickened” that BLM would use her grandmother this way.

In a speech given at Hovarth Middle School in Grand Rapids, Ohio, Muriel Parks-Gouldman (her grandmother’s sole living relative) proudly stood up to blacks using her grandmother’s legacy to hurt others.

“Today, my grandmother changed history,” she told the crowd. “Society told her that she wasn’t worthy of sitting near the front of that bus and she ‘took a seat’ for everyone. This wasn’t like when people kneel at football games because they don’t like cops; she was protesting actual racial injustice in society.”

“My grandmother would be proud of where we are today, how far black folks have come,” Parks-Gouldman continued. “But she would also be angry that some like Black Lives Matter would misuse her legacy.”

This is bad news for liberals who frequently reference Rosa Parks in their anti-white rants, but a reminder to the rest of us of what can be accomplished when you place your faith in God and he protects you from harm.

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