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BREAKING: Trump Pardons Michael Flynn

Liberals may be celebrating Michael Flynn’s guilty plea to a single count of lying to the FBI, they are ignoring two key facts: Flynn got a date wrong, that’s all. In addition, President Trump has full pardon power.

Flynn, concerned with legal costs related to defending himself in this liberal witch hunt, realized it was better to simply plead guilty and deprive liberals of the glee of draining his bank account by forcing him to pay for legal representation. Since a single count of misremembering the facts is not a huge deal, President Trump had no problem fixing the problem. Via Fox News:

President Trump responded to the news by signing documents officially pardoning Mr. Flynn, citing a “political witch hunt” and “fake news gone wild” as the reason Flynn faced what the President says is “harassment of the highest order.”
This means that Flynn can now freely choose not to “cooperate” with Mueller’s “investigation” into Democrats’ enemies, which is good news for those who want this madness to end so we can go on with making the country better.

Good job, President Trump! Now it’s time to finish getting rid of the Swamp. A good start is firing Robert Mueller for abuse of power.

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