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Internet Explodes Over Melania Lunch That Would Have Left Michelle Freaking First Lady Melania Trump Stops At A Texas Whataburger

First lady Melania Trump unintentionally drew wide attention to herself Wednesday when, during a visit to coastal Texas alongside second lady Karen Pence and Texas first lady Cecilia Abbott in order to meet with those affected by Hurricane Harvey, she stopped at a Whataburger restaurant to grab herself a sandwich.

“Ms. Trump, Second Lady Karen Pence and their team visited the flagship location of Whataburger in Corpus Christi,” Fox News reported. “Her aide Stephanie Grisham tweeted a photo of Trump ordering her lunch at the counter.”

By Friday this photo had made it to practically every corner of the internet.


To be clear, former President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama ate plenty of burgers during their eight years in the White House.

The difference is Michelle had a habit of lecturing others about what they should eat, whereas Melania has displayed no such propensity.

Plus, Melania seems to have better taste in burgers then Michelle: When I searched Google for examples of Michelle dining at Whataburger, I found none.
Even professional food critics have praised Whataburger. Just this week, food critics Nick Wiger and Mike Mitchell, the hosts of the “Doughboys” podcast, visited a Whataburger in Huntsville and were taken aback, to put it lightly.

“The first time I had Whataburger, I really didn’t get it, and I compared it to Burger King,” Mitchell later said to the Dallas Observer. “This was my second time having Whataburger, and now I get it. I get it.”

So does Melania, apparently, though it remains unclear if Michelle would have as well.

During Melania’s trip Wednesday to Texas, she and Karen also reportedly treated their press pool to lunch, according to USA Today reporter Julie Garcia:

ABC News noted that they wound up spending the first part of the day “in Corpus Christi meeting with first responders who worked on the Hurricane Harvey relief effort” and the latter portion in Rockport meeting “with a family whose home was destroyed in the storm.”

“They also visited the family’s new Manufactured Housing Unit, provided by FEMA, which will serve as the family’s temporary residence until they can move into a new, rebuilt home,” ABC News reported. “The women also visited an elementary school and food bank.”

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